Appartment Mario

The house is located near town Labin on the peninsula called Istra in Croatia. It located with a view on an island called Cres.

The property is very big, around 5000m2, with a forest around it and wineyard with some olive trees growing. The property is private and it has a shared swimming pool by the house. The APP is 65m2, with four rooms. All of them are new and very nicely equipped. The stowe has 2 electric and 2 gas panels on it. You can also borrow a crib for a baby. There is also a terrace 18m2 big for your own private use, with a garden grill and all of it is covered with roof.

The towels and linen are free. The kitchen has a toaster, water heater and freezer available.app1 app2 app3 app4 app5 app6 app7 IMG_2626 IMG_2630 IMG_2637 IMG_2643 IMG_2647 IMG_2654